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Posted on 09.Oct.13 at 5:20
i am : ecstaticecstatic
listening to: More Than Us - Travis

01. Just finnished watched the morning after! Next Tuesday is Monsters <3
02. Holy shit - i hate how freaking cold it is in Canada! Snow. I think not.
03. I am so determined to find//have//host every Roswell dvd song. roswelldvdmusic
04. I cannot wait for my Roswell alien necklace to come in the mail <3
05. I wish I didn't have school tomorrow. I really would rather stay at home and watch
Roswell & search the internet for Roswell music & make Roswell icons and ....
Obsessed much? I think so <3


Posted on 09.Oct.13 at 3:32
i am : ditzyditzy

What are your top 5 favourite songs from Roswell ?

10 Year Anniversery Video

Posted on 09.Oct.8 at 1:07
i am : coldcold
listening to: Falling Out - Relient K

and i forgot to tell you, i love you

Posted on 09.Sep.6 at 4:59
i am : happyhappy
listening to: Yesterday - Hef

I'm making a Roswell DVD music community.  It'll be like roswellradio but for the
DVD music. If you're interested in helping me search for some hard to find songs
or to help identify some songs in the DVDs. I'd be eternally greatful. The community
is called roswelldvdmusic please be sure to check it out. I have the first three episodes
posted but I do have a couple songs that I still don't have and I'm searching through the
web to find them. So be sure to comment on this if you are interested in lending a hand.
- Mariam